Tuesday, October 11, 2011

When I'm Away

I just wanted to share this sweet photo with you all tonight.  While I was at work, Eric sent me this picture of their time at the park down the street from our house, sitting on a hill that overlooks the mountains.
We are very lucky that when I went back to work I was able to go back part time. Toward the end of my maternity leave we still had no clue what we would be doing for child care, and no option seemed to feel like the right fit. It brought many stressful days, tearful fits, and overall anxiety.  For the three half days I'm away at work, we ended up finding a wonderful woman who watches him at her home in an intimate setting with just a few infants.  Tuesdays I work all day, and Eric takes the afternoon off to be with Henry at home.  I feel so blessed that the schedule works well for Henry, and makes us feel comfortable as well.  It has also been so nice for Eric and the babe to have Tuesdays together.  I'm able to enjoy the time at work when I see photos like this, of my boys having fun adventures together while I'm away.

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