Sunday, October 23, 2011

My not-so-favorite activity

That would be moving. Oye. I think we can all agree that you  never realize how much stuff you have until you box it up and move it out. We drove to Alaska two and a half years ago pulling a little trailer behind our Subaru.  Whatever we could fit in the wagon and the trailer is all we brought with us.  Seeing as the mattresses essentially took the entire trailer, it really didn't seem like we moved with much at all.  We have tried to be frugal and didn't think we had acquired much in the years we have been here, but apparently the stuff came from somewhere.  Maybe we just hang on to every bit of junk that crosses our path.  But there was a LOT to move.  Henry and I tried our very best to pack things up and move what we could, but with a baby attached to you ability to lift, move, and go in and out of the house/car over and over is limited.  We moved a car full on our own, and the following day with the help of our wonderful friends got another big load to the new house.  It was an interesting sight, as this friend has a baby the same age as Henry.  We spent some time moving, and even more time visiting and playing with babies. This weekend, though, Eric and I hauled every single remaining belonging out and moved it across town.  Except the plants. I think we have to go back for the plants still. As I mentioned earlier, I was emotional about leaving the house but I am feeling very positive now.  This space feels new and fresh, and it was a really good opportunity to see what we own and what we can do without.  We have many boxes to unpack, but with just a few things already in place (our maps, rug, lamps, etc.) it is starting to feel much more like our area.  Pretty good for just two days here!  I'm looking forward to seeing the progress over the next few weeks.  It's a little strange renting a house for a limited period of time because we can never fully make this home, but I think it will be a fun little chapter of our story.  Living on the opposite side of town I feel like I can explore all over again.  There will be new routes to everywhere I go, new places we like to eat, new neighborhoods to walk, a different trail behind the house... I realized just how much that excites me when tonight we went grocery shopping at the store on this end.  It's a little odd how much I love to grocery shop, I love mulling around the store.  It makes me sound a bit dorky which is ok, but I was beyond thrilled when I walked in to a giant bulk section, a big area to make our own peanut/almond butter, a really nice bakery etc.  I was a happy lady.
So that is my little update, I will share some of my favorite parts of the new place soon.  The hardest part of the move is over, and now we are just trying to settle.  I think we will be happy here.
Hope your weekends were beautiful and fun.

Get ready for a lot of pictures of H and B playing during our time "packing"... I believe I did mention that we spent a lot of packing time playing with babies. :)

Riding the bin upstairs to fill it with more stuff!
Packing my hats
Helping with the garbage bag.  See? We were working!

Judging by Henry's face, packing is way more fun when you don't have to do the work!


  1. Looks like all is well in your comment section!! Just thought I'd test it out. The little one is getting cuter and cuter!! Hope all is going well with getting settled:)

  2. Henry looks really good in hats!


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