Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Midway Point

I've been a bit quiet this week as things have been a little crazy around here.  We are at the odd stage of moving where there are half-filled boxes all over our house, everything is in a different location that I cannot find, and yet I'm here living like everything is normal and we aren't moving at all. We were supposed to move to a new house across town this past weekend, but Eric had to leave to be with family so Henry and I have been holding down the fort for nearly a week.  I have tried to move things over to the new place, but it's difficult to move boxes with a baby strapped to your chest. We've done what we can, but it should be a very busy few days with Eric home trying to quickly pack the rest of our house and head out. It has been strange spending the last week in our house without the husband. I had imagined it as the three of us together, soaking up all the time left in this house that has become our home.  For the past few years that we have lived here, I have been dreaming of whatever house would come next, and now that we are about to move out of this one, I am feeling sort of emotional.  I know that it's just a house, but it is the house that we brought Henry home to, and the house that has seen his every day since then.  Although cheesy, we became a family here.  I'm still looking forward to the new chapter though, a fresh start in a new place.  There is a large yard, a creek in the back, and nice carpets so should Henry choose to continue launching himself head first off of things like he did today, there will be a soft place to land. Did I mention that? Henry took a spill onto his forehead today while I was at work.  Just a bump, luckily.

In other "news", we took some time this week to get outside and into the mountains. It was a cloudy, rainy day in Anchorage, but when we got above the cloud blanket, it was beautifully sunny, and snow was covering the ground.  Henry was born during one of the last snows of the season, so this was the first time he's seen it when he was able to actually notice.  Friends, I am tired and a bit stressed so before I babble any further, enjoy some photos of the little love.

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