Sunday, October 16, 2011

Let the games begin!

Something new has happened in our house this weekend, making the place a whole lot busier! Mr. Henry is on the move. He hasn't mastered crawling, but he has started to army crawl, and let me tell you, it gets him around plenty fast.  When he's fully up and moving on hands and knees ( he can get up but not move like that) it'll be tough to keep up!  All of a sudden though he is just scooting across the entire room, and the boy is on a mission.  He wants everything.  I have literally been chasing him about (okay, maybe he's not that fast, but much faster than he was when he was just flailing about on the floor!) all the while realizing that baby-proofing needs to take place quickly.  No more loose change around the place, no more small items at all in reach of certain small boys. He became mobile so quickly I'm a little nervous (excited too!) to see how quickly he advances to real crawling.  No doubt that our job just got a bit tougher because he can go where he wants to, but just like every change he makes I'm very excited for him.  The world must seem even more exciting now that he can spot what he wants and go for it. I can't wait to see what interests him. So far only "non-baby" items. Food, drawers, etc...
I absolutely had to include this photo. He was just taking off which is apparently a lot of work. 

Have no fear, my tea was cold and he just wanted to put his mouth on the cup-- he didn't drink it!
Wiped out!

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