Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Is it Wednesday already?  I have to say, since we have returned from Alaska just over a week ago, the days have been flying by.  I cannot say the same about the months between our move here and our trip back, but I am ever so thankful for busier days these last few.  However, I'm currently enjoying a quiet moment in our just-cleaned living room.  Every year I think taking down the Christmas tree and holiday decorations will make the living space feel lonely and empty, but I finally got around to it today and I am loving the clean space.  Our tree was cozy this year, and I left it up a few extra weeks since we were gone for two over the holidays, but clutter has been driving me nutty recently.  Which is wonderful in  a way, because since becoming pregnant I have been lacking motivation (as in, non existent) in the cleaning and tidying department.  It feels wonderful to both hate the clutter AND have more energy to deal with it!  My next goal is to pick up where we left off with decorating, and making the place feel like us.  We got it to a comfortable level in the first six months here, and although we won't be in this house that much longer (August) these next months are important ones, that I imagine will leave us with loads of memories and I want them to be in a space that felt like home.  I think back to our first house in Alaska, and that wasn't perfect either but I have so many vivid memories from that house because it is where we spent our pregnancy with Henry, and where we spent our first months together as a family of three.  I hope to look back at our year in this house fondly too, as it is the home in which we will be growing into a family of four.  Decorations and belongings don't mean that much, but feeling good in your space is important.  And since I will be giving birth in this house, I am even more motivated to love it.  Since we are still adjusting to being a one-income household for the time being, and big things are coming up in the near future, there won't be much money to put towards decorations, and like I said I'm not looking for clutter. But luckily, there are lovely crafty people and bloggers out there who have made it easier than ever to find inexpensive but personal small touches for the home, or tutorials on how to make them (thank you, Pinterest).  So if energy sticks with me, and it sure does come and go...I will be spending time in the near future searching for a few things. 
My main goals are to:
-Find a few more prints for our gallery wall, Henry's room, and our bedroom
-Find an old end table and repurpose it
-Do the same with a funky lamp
-Turn the playroom into a brighter, cozier space and tuck away baby toys in place of "big boy" toys
  (Henry has been really eager to learn the abc's and count, so I will be putting some pictures up in the room to help with that!  He makes the cutest attempts, basically jibberish but in the same tone and pattern that I use while counting or singing abc's.)

So that's that, now I've put my intentions out there, hold me to it!
Have you all been over to The Handmade Home?  This site is nothing short of brilliant, and I think I'll spend a lot more time there from here on out!

Enjoy the rest of your week friends.

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  1. V, it's so exciting to read about you and your little family again!!! Hope the decorating goes well--it really is never-ending.
    I can't remember if I congratulated you on baby numero dos but YAY!! Very exciting news:)


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