Monday, January 21, 2013

Happy Day!

*this was written yesterday (Sunday)

I haven't started a pregnancy journal this pregnancy, and to be honest, as we are almost half way done I probably won't at this point.  But that doesn't mean I won't document the milestones, and even the little day to day tidbits as this wee one grows.  This will just be the place where it happens, rather than in a half-filled journal.  And so... I'm stopping in quickly today because we hit a milestone indeed.  I felt this little one moving today!!  It has taken much patience, waiting to feel those first little squiggles this time.  You so often hear how you'll feel movements earlier, and show sooner etc. with your second pregnancy.  I have experienced the opposite in all of those areas.  I am 18 weeks and 2 days right now, and at this point I was feeling those little thuds from Henry quite frequently.  5 more days from now and Eric felt his little kicks from the outside as a little farewell gift from H as I prepared to leave Anchorage for a trip back to Iowa.  I keep trying to remind myself to stop comparing every detail of the pregnancies.  Each one is different and differences are not a sign of a problem.  I know that.  But my pregnancy with H is all I know, so I think comparing is natural. I have been fully confident that all is well even though I have not been able to feel this babe up to this point.   But that doesn't make the wait any easier when for weeks you expect to feel them sooner.  Dang anterior placenta, I hate the extra cushion between the baby and myself.  But this morning as I was waking up to a million tiny hugs and kisses from a sweet little boy, there they were.  Those precious little taps, that went on for a full five minutes.  I was on my stomach, which probably made it a bit easier to feel.  (Yes, I still sleep on my stomach, as there's really nothing getting in the way yet.  I stopped at about 14 weeks last time and am loving still sleeping that way)
The relief was enormous, and the excitement was of course huge.  I never tire of those sweet movements, and have so been looking forward to them this time.  They were much lighter than they were with H, I don't think I would have felt them had I not been on my stomach and lying still. But it just shows that we are only a short ways away from this baby being strong enough to really let me have it, and I absolutely cannot wait.  It's a happy day.

I feel like the bump looks bigger here than it really does. 
But Eric tells me that this is, in fact, what I look like. Excuse
the little monkey climbing his way into the shot.
18 weeks with Henry, for comparison. I felt bigger than I do now.

I keep having to remind myself not to slip up on calling this one "he" or "she" here just yet, even though we are fairly certain we know from a peek we got in AK.  The official ultrasound is next week, so I'll fill you all in after that. 


  1. I think you look the exact same as you did with Henry! Maybe you just don't feel as big because your body remembers it from Henry? Maybe it felt bigger the first time because your stomach grew bigger than it ever had because you've always had a flat tummy! I love the pregnancy pics- please keep them coming!!

  2. You might be on to something there. But I swear I look "less pregnant" than I did then. I suppose things stretch and are just never quite the same, but it's true, I look the same in the two photos. Phew!


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