Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The End of a Very Good Thing

My Sweet Boy,
Tomorrow morning I'll be dropping you off at a new house, with new people, new routines, and heading to work without you.  Every day for over a year you've come to work with me.  For 9 months I carried you there every day, and for some of those months I felt you there with me.  Four weeks after giving birth to you I carried you back into that office, in my arms, wore you against my chest, and continued to work that way up to today.  Having you with me has made going back to work doable for me, but knowing you won't be there anymore is truly frightening.  We have had such a hard time trying to decide who would take care of you while I go to work... I think we've found someone who will make you feel comfy, will provide you with all that you need while I'm away.  We have been able to arrange our schedules so that you only have to be away from us for three half-days a week, and although it sounds silly to be so upset over so few hours apart, I am. I miss you already and I'm already wondering what you'll be doing, if you'll be smiling and having fun, if you'll be frightened and confused... These thoughts are hard for a Mama to have because frightened and confused are the last things I want you to feel, and it's difficult not knowing exactly what you are capable of thinking about at four months old.  I hope tomorrow you're your happy self, and I hope we've allowed you to be secure enough to know that we will always come for you.
Excited to pick you up already...
Love, Mama.

Henry's first time at work, the day he was born. 
First day back after maternity leave
Blurry phone shot of H in an office meeting.
With the other office baby
Play gym under the front desk
Everyone loves his cuddles at work

A little break outside the office.

Sorry for all of the blurry iPhone photos. 

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