Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fall is in the air

But only until tomorrow!
There is a very noticable chill in the air all of a sudden... The windows have been open for months and it's finally starting to get kind of nippy in the night. Summer has essentially ended in Alaska, and I'm sure by the time I get back from the midwest fall will be in full swing. But tomorrow we leave for a visit home, and then a family vacation where summer is still hanging on. I'm sure the cooler temps of the 80's make it feel like summer is ending for everyone there too, but temperatures like that are sure to leave baby H and me sweating upon arrival. I love no season more than fall. I love fleece weather, cool air.  But I do not feel ready to face another Alaskan winter just yet. I'm chomping at the bit to feel some heat and the sun on my skin, dip Henry's toes in an outdoor pool. The days will be warm and the nights cooler, and when we come back I'm sure I'll be more than ready to embrace the chill. There's no doubt that it feels so good at night, but I'm not quite ready to let go of the summer days.  I had the brilliant idea to not pack a single thing until tonight, so I'm scurrying a bit trying to get ready.  I'll try very hard to update while I'm gone, so check back! 

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