Sunday, August 7, 2011


We've been spending the last few weekends outside and out of Anchorage which has been such a breath of fresh air.  I get so stir crazy in the same routine right here in town.  I crave even just a drive alongside the water with the mountains surrounding us. And that is exactly what I've gotten 3 weekends in a row. Taking the drives has helped with Henry's carseat protests as well, although sometimes it involves me sitting back there pulling out every single entertaining trick in my book.  Oh well, at least we aren't serenaded with screams for hours on end!
When we got back from our trip last weekend, H got another cold.  He's gotten more than I imagined he would being exclusively breastfed and only 4 months old.  For the most part, he handles them like a little champ and they don't put a damper on his big smile and sweet mood.  This particular cold seems to have gotten him, but I also think that he just switched over into "big baby" the minute he turned four months.  I swear, although he's still just a little guy, he suddenly acts older.  Not newborn at all.  He is reaching for food and anything in his reach, every single thing goes straight to the mouth.  He doesn't like having his nose wiped or his face washed or anything relating to it and he'll arch and kick to ensure none of that happens.  He has some pretty strong opinions now... my babe is growing so quickly. I'll let photos do most of the explaining of what our last few weeks have looked like. Hope you're all doing well!

Hiking around Eklutna Lake
Our campsite at the Upper Kenai Lake

On the spit in Homer

Gardens in Palmer

Cabbage Patch Kid


  1. What a beautiful baby!! Can't WAIT to meet him some day!!!

  2. Such beautiful scenery and a beautiful boy; I love your blog!


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