Monday, August 22, 2011

New Adventures

Henry went swimming for the first time today.  The boy loves his bath time, but I had visions of his skin hitting the cooler water and throwing a bit of a fit at first.  Luckily, that wasn't the case at all, the boy is a fish!  We went with friends to the "riverwalk" at an indoor water park.  Early in the morning for a few hours that is the only part of the park that is open, so it was quiet, with just a few other people getting their morning exercise in the swift little river.  We walked a few laps, slowly going deeper... so far so good.  Henry seemed content.  Then we put the babes in little infant tubes and he was smiley while we floated along.  I was chatting with my friend as we pushed their tubes from behind, and after a bit when we looked at the little peanut's face... the eyes were closed.  Apparently the water was relaxing enough for a morning nap which everyone passing by got a kick out of.  When he was awake, he was thrilled to still be floating along in the water, and we hopped on a large tube together and enjoyed the rest of the ride.  He loved looking over the tube, giggling. All in all, a successful adventure and I think it will be a regular activity for us from here on out.
There are other adventures on the horizon for us-- H and I leave on Thursday night to head home to the midwest! We are going to be in Iowa for a week visiting family and friends, and then we'll head off to Wisconsin for a week of vacation with my mom, sisters and all the kiddos as well. I am so excited and ready for this trip!  Sorry I've been quiet lately... I cannot seem to get organized with all of the change that has been in the air.  I feel constantly behind on things that need to get done, and therefore struggle to accomplish things I want to. If you are a member of pinterest, find me there because in sporadic moments of free time I have been loving to spend time there, gathering ideas and inspiration... day dreaming...
Happy Monday, all of you.

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