Wednesday, August 31, 2011

This vacation has been off to an interesting start... not exactly the relaxation I had imagined in my mind for the past however many months. I suppose we are only three days in, but it has been a long three days. We were scheduled to leave Anchorage at 11:25pm on Thursday... We went along with Henry's normal routine, put him to bed at 7, and he slept perfectly. We were able to put him in the car, I walked him through the airport, security, etc. without waking him up. He woke up while we were at the gate waiting for the flight but he was perfectly happy despite it being after 10:00. As we took off, he drifted off to sleep, and that started the fun for us. The poor boy was so tired and trying his best to stay asleep,but no matter what I tried he couldn't get comfortable. We were stuffed in the window seat of the very back row, so no matter what position, his little head would be touching the wall. The seat cushion kept slipping out from under us, and all in all it was just plain uncomfortable. I ended up just staying awake all night holding him upright on my shoulder, but that didn't make for the best sleep. With time changes and layovers, he ended up being awake in the airport for three hours in the middle of the night. Once we got here his stuffy cold came back in full, vicious swing, and his little fever started. And it lasted. He slept horribly again, so I sat awake for another night trying to help him sleep. That's two nights of bad sleep for baby, and forty eight hours of pretty much no sleep for mama. The fever continued and he could barely breathe so yesterday we went to urgent care and it turns out he had a little ear infection in one side. After antibiotics and finally sleeping last night, he woke up like the Henry I know. It's hard to take it slow on vacation though, with so many people and activities, so I think the poor babe still has some healing to do. But he was so much better today and that makes a mama's heart happy. It is beyond difficult to care for a little baby who isn't feeling well, it just breaks the heart a bit. My sister helped me to keep my calm and not be such a worrier, but that doesn't mean I didn't still take his temperature about 2382734 times.
On the plane before things got rough.

Playing during our layover, 4am.

On a walk, exhausted but trying to feel better

A snooze

Past bedtime in the most stimulating restaurant ever.

The blurriest iphone photos to date... I have no clue why, free pass since I've been focusing on a sick babe? :) I  promise I'll have better posts and real pictures soon. A few days later, update is H is MUCH better. Oh how I love a healthy, happy babe!

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