Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I like when we're healthy

I saw someone mention yesterday morning on twitter that they had never been sick so often as they have since becoming a mother.  I have to admit, I was a little relieved to read it.   Obviously I wish for that mother that it wasn't the case, but I was relieved that I wasn't alone in it.  I have been saying for months that I have never been sick so often in my life.  We have had cold after cold, a couple of tummy bugs, and more colds around here.  Maybe I'm being slightly dramatic, as we aren't sick ALL of the time, and we are lucky for our over all good health.  Really, truly lucky.  But, the number of bugs we have caught has been a little surprising to me, after years of getting sick just a handful of times. I know that it partly just comes with the territory.  Children eat things off of the floor, touch EVERYTHING and constantly have their fingers in their mouths. So it would make sense that they pick up a good number of germs.  Henry also goes to an in home daycare that we love, but of course being in close quarters means those babies share all of their bugs, and then Henry comes home to share with Mommy.  When I was younger, I don't remember ever seeing my mom sick, aside from losing her voice once a year.  But she wasn't sick, she just had a quiet squeaky voice.  I honestly believed that mothers just didn't get sick.  Of course I realize now that we aren't super humans immune to everything around us, but I still didn't envision catching every single thing Henry brings home, and I've gotten pretty tired of it.  I feel like so many moms around me are like my own was, they didn't catch every single thing we had.  Maybe it's because I'm a newbie.  I want to protect Henry from getting sick, which I try my hardest to do, but won't always be able to.  When I can't, I would like to be able to take good care of him and not be stuck on the couch ill along side him.  I can't help but wonder if there is something I could be doing differently.  Hopefully it was just a winter thing and we can move on from here. I'm also secretly (not so secretly anymore, I guess) hoping that if we get this stage over with now, that maybe he'll get sick less when he's older and in school.  Time will tell how that one works out...
Well I've decided I'm going to try to boost the immune systems around here.  Getting out of the yucky flu season alone helps, but I'm also looking at what I can do.  I'm always quick to sanitize things around the house, but now it's warm and the windows are often open and I just feel better in here with the air circulating around.  Cleaner house just equals cleaner bodies in my mind.
Everyone who knows me at all knows I'm a pro hand washer, and that won't be changing.  I'm always encouraging Eric to do it when he gets home, and now Henry likes to wash his hands too.  I am always a little proud when I see him do it :)
I'm also trying to cut back on the amount that I use hand sanitizer.  I know that soap and water is better but I'll continue to use the sani as a security blanket. I eat well and am active, have taken vitamins regularly (and tried a period without but notice no change)  I also tried to be less of a clean freak and just relax a bit hoping to just let my immune system do it's job when faced with nastiness, only to get sick still. So it's definitely back to being careful.
The main thing I'm working on is the same thing I always aim for- cooking healthy, vitamin packed meals.
Sometimes I'm successful with this and sometimes I shoot for what's fast and easy.  But eating well and staying healthy is worth the extra time to me.
Here's a good list of foods that are good for the system, just a good reminder of some things to include when possible. (Minus brazil nuts-yuck.)
I just remembered, my friend/nurse from work made us a bottle of an essential oil mixture that she swears keeps her family healthy.  She gave it to us for our plane ride to help us not get germy and sure enough we stayed healthy.  Maybe I should get those back out and keep using them.  Thinking of it gives me good memories of when I walked up to my skeptical sisters and sprayed them in the face with it.  They laughed at me like I was nuts, but it was quite entertaining! Sorry for the sidenote.
Do any of you have any tricks you think help you to stay healthy when there are little children who are exposed to bugs and then coming to you and slobbering them on your face?  No?  Any general suggestions for staying healthy then? 

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