Thursday, May 24, 2012

Rainy Days and Cookies.

Since the days have been so lovely recently, I have been spending Henry's nap time (we are down to one a day!) out on the porch swing soaking up the sun. Today however, it's gloomy and rainy.  It has been all day, and doesn't look as though it will switch directions any time soon.  No porch for me today.  And while there is laundry begging to be folded, I decided the weather seemed to lend itself to staying in and baking chocolate chip cookies, sipping tea, and catching up with all of you.  I am baking these cookies, a recipe off of my treat board on Pinterest.  Doesn't it feel great to make something off of your Pinterest boards?  Even if it just is plain ole' chocolate chip cookies, I feel a sense of accomplishment.  The cookies didn't disappoint, either! The vanilla pudding mix in them adds a little something that I like, must be the fluffiness.  I also used dark chocolate chips so that's a delicious plus.
My sweet tooth has just been a strong little beast to me recently.  I was on quite the frozen yogurt streak, but it seemed like going daily for a string of days was neither great for me nor our wallets.  No pat on the back for me for just trading one sweet for another, but a nice big pat for making something with ingredients I already had.  FREE COOKIES! We are going to have dinner with Eric's family tonight, so I will take half over there to share so I am not just sitting inside for the next week eating cookies while watching the rain fall.  Just today. 

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