Thursday, May 24, 2012

Happy Tunes

This evening has been a little frustrating, house hunting is hard.  We are looking for a rental back home, that we are supposed to move into in a month and a half.  I know it's hard to be picky when finding a temporary rental, but at the same time we have reached a point where we can't help but feel a tiny bit picky.  I should speak for myself really, because I struggle with it more than Eric does. I want to go with the flow, but I'm also tired of moving from rental to rental, never settling enough or loving a place enough to turn it into our own.  We don't even have family pictures hung, no photos whatsoever.  I would love to find a place in the right location that we love.  Well, tonight I'm finding places I love, that are currently taken, which is frustrating.  But then I saw this video from my very favorite artist, a new song off her album that comes out in a few short weeks, and my night just immediately got better. Either click link above or watch below, two versions of the same wonderful tune. I just had to log on one more time tonight to share it with you. Brandi makes my soul feel good! I'm a little sad, we are moving a week before we were supposed to see her in concert for the third time together.  Ah well, another time.

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  1. This song just made my day! As I sat feeding my baby girl, she stopped, smiled, and kept smiling until the song was over! Thank you!


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