Friday, June 1, 2012

During the busy week.

How is it already Friday?
This week has been a complete blur to me... I honestly cannot even tell you what I was doing three days ago.  What I do know, is our schedule was turned upside down just trying to accommodate various things.  I ended up working more full days than usual, which resulted in me hardly seeing Henry for a couple of days.  I got to take a nice drive to the valley to do my skills checkoff for work, but the drive itself was relaxing and fun.
Eric and I had our second wedding anniversary on the 29th, and we didn't get much of a chance to celebrate, but we at least had a chance to eat dinner together at home and recognize how thankful we are for the past few years of our lives.  It has been quite the ride, not a moment of it dull.  It's crazy to think about, really.  We have packed so many changes into our time together, it's amazing we keep up!  Cross country move, a wedding, a pregnancy right afterwards, welcoming a baby, raising that sweet baby, moving into another house, job hunting, planning the move, and now we have FOUND A HOUSE back home so we can really get excited!  There's no doubt that all of these changes can be trying at times on a new marriage, but I'm proud of how we've handled it all together.  We are so lucky for all of these things in our life together, and lucky we get to face the changes as a pair. Hopefully this weekend we can get outside and celebrate a bit more.
On the move front, I feel like I can let myself relax a tiny bit now that we have found a place to live.  The stress was driving me crazy, because I just wanted to find the right thing for our family. I had my mom racing around town every day looking at different places, and either things weren't right, or they were perfect but taken by another lucky family.  Just as I was on the verge of complete disappointment, my mama found the perfect spot, and the owner was willing to take a chance on us despite never meeting us and the fact that we have "a beast".  Referring to the dog, of course, not the toddler. :)  It has a yard for all of us to run in, enough space for us but not too much, and it's in a great part of town.  I'm thankful. And of course, I am racing back to Pinterest to play pretend house decorating in my head, filling each room with the simple and lovely things I want but probably cannot afford.  It's a cruel game. But piece by piece, I'm hoping to make this house the home we've been wanting for what feels like a very long time.
Henry turned 14 months old yesterday, and in this past week I have had more glimpses of his full on toddlerhood than ever before.  He's experimenting with various screeches and crazy energy levels, and also catching onto so many concepts and demonstrating proudly.  He's getting really good with animal sounds, and just various things he does around the house let me know how much he absorbs daily.  He carries things over to the garbage and tosses them in on his own, sweeps the floors, takes things apart and puts them back together, announces anything that's hot or cold to us etc.  I'm a little bit overwhelmed by the speed of his growth, really.  Yesterday he reached up to put a cracker on the countertops and he actually touched the top.  WHEN did he get that big?  I swear it must have been overnight.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!  I'm hoping to soak up what is left of nap time in peace and quiet, and dream up some fresh and healthy meals for the week.  If there are any you've tried and loved recently, please feel free to share in the comments!


  1. I think this week was a blur as well! I know pasta isn't the healthiest of choices, but I absolutely loved this recipe via Pinterest - ! I hope it makes you as happy as it made us, we LOVE avocados! Have a great weekend!

  2. Avocados are my VERY favorite food, and Henry's too! I made a similar recipe that I thought was yummy but the Mr was not a fan. I will take a look at this one and try again. Thank you!! If he hates it again, it'll be Henry and my treat.


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