Sunday, June 17, 2012



Henry my love,
I thought it was high-time I sit and jot down a few of the things you're doing right now that just make us giggle and our hearts burst time and time again.  You've always had a big personality, but you are really becoming such a goofy character.  Sometimes you do something so cute I'm sure I'll never forget the moment... until you do five more cute things and then I realize that I can't remember a detail from before.  So I need to make sure I'm keeping track.  Better get in the habit now before you really start talking and killing us with the silliness.  I remember when your Aunt Ray would tell me things about your cousins and the things they were saying and I wanted to write down every other sentence because they were so darn funny.  You'll be there in no time.  So a little update on you at nearly 15 months-
You've turned a corner with how quickly you catch onto things.  Or maybe you were able to understand before but it was just hard to mimic.  You remember the purpose of so many things we use, and how to do it and it never stops making me laugh.  You pull q-tips out of the drawer on your own, and sometimes you'll stop for a minute to touch one to your ear before throwing them all over the house.  I don't love finding qtips under my feet ever three steps, but I love seeing how you know just what they are used for, and how cute you look doing it so I haven't taken the box away yet.  You also pretend to put makeup on after emptying the bag all over (see a pattern here? You're all about using something and scattering.  Use and scatter, use and scatter.)  I still can't find half my makeup, by the way.  I'd like my eyeliner back when you get the chance :) You brush your hair and mine too, brush your own teeth (we follow with a better scrub of course), and you can spot hand sanitizer machines and insist on getting some and washing your own hands (I swear I didn't force this at all, you must have just picked it up watching me every three seconds!)
Your very best word is "uh oh!" but it sounds like "uh- ayyyyy" and I wouldn't mind if it took you a very long time to say it correctly.  It gets me every single time, which is a lot because you go out of your way to "drop" things so you can use it.  Let's see, what else are you up to these days?  You still obsessively wave at all planes that fly overhead, which is quite cute.  You also are best friends with the train that goes by our house each day.  You've been waving to it for weeks, and it's the main thing you blow kisses at when it's time to say goodnight and head to bed.  You put your arm up and motion along while saying "choo choo!" You haven't lost your love for the vacuum and now you've started really trying to help.  You always liked the on/off switch but now you crumble to tears if I don't let you stand beneath me and push it back and forth with me.  When I'm done cleaning I let you stand there and just try on your own for a long while.  You seem to be equally enthusiastic about the swiffer, you clean little boy! On the topic of cleanliness, if I hand you a wet wipe, you'll wipe your face, the table, or your privates.  You definitely pay attention!
I must have made the mistake of scolding the dog in front of you, because sometimes, when you see fit, you raise your little index finger and wave it back and forth saying "nnn nnn nnn nnn" (no no no) which I feel bad about but still love to watch.  I don't want you scolding the dog left and right, but watching you wave that little pointer around is hilarious! Pretty sure you also push my hands away from you sometimes and say "stop".  It sounds more like STAH! Not sure how I feel about that. Why you don't want me hugging you 12 hours a day I'm not sure, but you're entitled to your space so I try to listen.  I will not, however,  "stah" when you try to shove my hand off of yours while walking across parking lots, so you should probably stop trying that one soon. You keep getting better and better with animal sounds (cow, sheep, owl, dog, lion, monkey) and you love practicing.
I could go on for ages, but I think that's good for now.  I'm sure I'll have another update soon as the changes just don't slow down.
The toddler-esque bits of you become clearer by the day (attitude, anyone? Wrestle match?), but a lot of the time I still look at you and see baby, so I'm just eating up all of it.  It's all so fun.  Toddler, baby, our Henry... you are wonderful.  And we love you like you wouldn't believe.

The picture was taken the other day on one of the rare occasions (recently) when he fell asleep in my arms.  He may be getting big, but he looks 100% baby to me there.  Love. 

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  1. I love this! I feel like I get to know him without ever meeting him. He sounds like such a special boy!


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