Saturday, June 23, 2012


To all the Mamas out there, maybe you've already been as glued to Honest Toddler's blog/tweets as I have been, but if you haven't seen today's post, read this.  There haven't been many posts that don't have me snorting and whatnot with gut-deep laughter, but this one touched much deeper.  I often think back to being pregnant with Henry because sometimes it just feels like it was yesterday.  It can be hard to look at him and understand that he is on his way to being a big boy and he'll never be a baby again.  I miss being "one" with him despite the fact that I adore watching him grow into this amazing little person. I just really love HT's perspective in this post. You'll see. It's yet another reminder to just hug that little one in, hold him close to me and together enjoy that familiar feeling.  I think we're both still really learning that we're completely separate people. To me he is just as much a part of me as he was when his little life grew inside of me.  I suppose it will always feel this way, but it's my job to find a balance between that feeling and helping him to explore on his own and be his own person. Lucky for me he's young enough that every day Henry rides in that middle place too- wanting to be as close as possible one minute, and the next running from me as he heads off to explore is own interests.  My gosh I love it all.
Our friend Megan snapped this picture of us as we flung down the slide at one of those bouncy places, and I'm really happy to have it. 

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