Friday, June 22, 2012

A Little Panic, A Little Relaxation

I need to just be honest, I'm FREAKING OUT about the move.  Eric has to travel for five days which means we have a week and a half of time together to get this place packed up and ready to move across the country. We have essentially nothing no where near enough ready at this point, and my blood pressure feels through the roof over it.  It would have been lovely if we could have risen to the occasion and spaced this all out over time (you know, how some people start these things early? I don't know, I've never tried that) but it really isn't our style to be ahead of the game and overly prepared.  We apparently enjoy working under pressure.  This weekend must be productive.  So naturally Henry has a fever from who knows what,  and I usually catch every single thing he has, so here's to hoping that tomorrow brings a very healthy day for all. And the next after that, and the next after that and so on.
I'm sorry, are you sensing panic in my jumbled thoughts here?  It's hard to decide if I should share my stories of craziness and sweaty palms/anxiety attacks over this enormous change, or just wait until things have quieted down a bit.  Hopefully you can all bear with me for the next few weeks as I try to rein in the crazy a bit and just buck up and get things done.  I hope to sound more relaxed next week as all of our things sit nicely in boxes ready to start the new journey.  Adjustments are all around us right now and will be for quite some time, so I guess I just want to be able to focus on that rather than worrying if we'll even be able to get our things out of the house and on their way to the new one before it's time to go.  I feel like I was barely home this past week and essentially lived at the birth center (which was AMAZING, but incredibly busy) so with the next week off call we'll see what can get done.

Before I sign off to go make myself useful around the house,  a few photos of the more relaxing aspects of our week.  What have you all been doing to relax and enjoy the weather? I would love to hear.

Henry has learned to blow dandelions!
We went to an awesome park, but Henry was really only interested in the swings. 
On Father's Day, we played in the yard with friends and Eric and I got a little solo game of badminton in.  We were horrible, but it was fun to spend time one on one while Henry was entertained in the yard.
In an attempt to spend more meaningful time together even when at home rather than just exist in the same space, we've spent some evenings sitting on the porch together.  We tried a few new beers this night.
The geese have had babies!  They're fun to watch. 
Nap time on nice days has been split between getting dishes and things done, and spending some time alone resting in the sun on the porch.  It's much needed and very, very relaxing. 
After a dinner picnic on the porch, Eric and I caught H standing really close to Finny looking at him strangely.  Turns out he was working out how he was going to scootch in for a hug.  They hugged over and over for a good five minutes.  Our dog is a patient one. 
Today, it felt like real, actual summer.  I don't remember it ever feeling this warm up here the past few years.  Maybe I've just forgotten, but we were darn hot. We can't buy a baby pool or water table before moving, so I made do with his baby tub as a water table.  He wasn't as impressed as I thought he'd be, but I assume because he didn't feel well.  When we get home to 90 degree weather we had best be living in a pool to get by. 

 Have a wonderful weekend!

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