Friday, June 8, 2012

If you need a laugh...

Then let me suggest you read the blog Honest Toddler.  I found Honest Toddler (HT) on Twitter, constantly writing hilarious thought and comments from the mind of a toddler.  I just about pee myself night after night while looking through the words of HT.  I read them aloud to Eric all the time, some just because they're snort-laugh-worthy, and some because I just picture Henry and the thoughts he must have.  Some of the situations are just so easy to relate to over here, and I'm sure with everyone who has a toddler. I appreciate this kind of exaggerated humor so much, and if you haven't seen HT yet, I hope you enjoy when you do :) Many insights into the world of toddlers are ahead. Off to read some more!  I have already cried laughing once tonight when reading the post on one-year-olds, craving a bit more before bed.

Woke up in a panic. Something tells me my parents are enjoying the best sleep of their lives. Must end this.

and this:

Honest Toddler
 That was fun. Let's do it until you die of exhaustion.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing HT! I just started following and I'm already laughing! Everyone needs laughter in their life!


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