Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer is more fun with no pants, apparently

Couldn't resist just sharing a few sweet moments from a couple of nights ago.  We went to Uncle Davie and Aunt Priya's house for a bbq.  Henry had so much fun playing with the hose, balls in the yard, and despite the fact that his forehead was eaten alive by mosquitos he had such a fun time.  My gosh nice weather rocks with this little boy.  I love the winter, but he can just do so much when he isn't limited by snowsuits!  Obviously in these pictures he wasn't limited by much clothing at all.  Just the way he likes it. 
We are pretty excited over here, because our dear friends left us for Mexico and have finally returned.  And one of my greatest friends who I rarely get to see gets here for a 5 day visit TOMORROW! She threw the idea around a few weeks ago and suddenly had a ticket booked and will be here shortly.  I have the next week off call so we will get to go adventuring a bit. I love when people spontaneously come for a visit! Any other takers out there? 

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