Thursday, May 17, 2012

Oh So Sweet

Eric took this picture today moments after I came home from work.  I pulled into the driveway as he and Henry were resting on their backs in the grass, and I joined right in as Henry rushed over and into my arms.  I love this picture, it's just pure happiness.  When he was a little baby nuzzled against my body nursing day and night I didn't think it would be possible to feel any more connected to that boy.  I feared that he wouldn't want to be as close as he got bigger, but oh my goodness was I wrong.  I think deep down I knew the truth, I knew better than to think things would just suddenly change after one, but the twinge of nervousness still sat in my heart.  Our connection just  continues to grow, and recently this already affectionate boy has just become more intense when it comes to showing love.  He has been holding my face while smooshing his nose to mine, opening his mouth wide and showering me with kisses, holding me in his little arms for my very favorite baby bear hugs.  There is truly, no better feeling in my world than the love from and for this boy.

On tonight's menu: I made this mac and cheese style cauliflower from Vegetarian magazine, along with turkey kielbasa and red and yellow tomatoes tossed in olive oil and sea salt. Oh and peach crisp! Might head back for thirds on that.  It's something I'll definitely repeat, but if you try the mac I'd suggest cutting the bread crumbs by about half. It was a bit overkill. 

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