Tuesday, February 26, 2013

10 Things I'm Happy About Right Now...

They aren't all big things by any means, but it's a good practice to list things that make you happy, yes?

1. We got to spend Saturday visiting my sisters and snuggling my brand new nephew.  Always a wonderful thing.
2. Despite the stress of this big move and the fact that we are WAY behind in preparations, these next few weeks before we go will be jam. packed. with family time which is wonderful.  One of my sisters (with the babe) is coming this week for a few days.  More snuggles for me, and more play time for Henry with his cousin Emerson (they are just 10 weeks apart).  Saturday I leave for Mississippi with another sister and two more nieces to visit my Dad as he is in a production of Fiddler on the Roof.  (It's the first time I'll be leaving H for more than a night... but more on that later.) The following week my Dad and family come here to Iowa to visit us, we will have a little welcome baby party, etc. And then hopefully if I can get organized, a small birthday party for Henry with family here, just days before we head back north to Alaska. Whew!
3. Henry's kitchen.  I feel bad admitting it, but we failed a tad in the Christmas department when it comes to Henry this year.  Well I shouldn't say failed, but it sort of slid under the radar a bit.  We were in Alaska over Christmas for over two weeks, so we couldn't figure out how to handle Christmas.  There was no good time for a little family celebration of our own, and we couldn't very well bring gifts and whatnot when we were already loaded down with necessities for the trip.  We gave him a couple little things while we were up there, and he received loads of generous gifts from family and friends up there, but we felt a little bad that we didn't get to do our family thing at all.  The gift we had planned for him was a play kitchen, as his favorite thing to do is "help!" and "cook!"  Eric has been working on one from scratch, and while it's well past Christmas, it is now finally snuggled into our home and ready for play.  Henry is in love, and it makes me happy to see it sitting here in our front room.
4. Making things.  Like I said I would in this post, I made the vanilla almond milk that I have been wanting to try.  It was a fun project, and it's so satisfying to make something like that from scratch. The good news is, it tastes delicious and would make a great addition to oatmeal, cereal, etc.  I am sure I will make it again. The bad news is, I can already tell it won't kick my craving for coffee creamer (dang it!).
5. A few new skincare purchases are making me really happy right now.  I try not to break the bank with new products or put too much focus on them, and for the last few years my skin routine has been nothing more than a bit lazy.  I have tried picking up various inexpensive things at the drugstore, but have just watched my skin get more dry and more dull as the years go on.  Since hormones have been having their way with me for basically the last three years (thank you pregnancy, breastfeeding, and odd sleep schedules!) I decided maybe it's time I try some heavier duty products.  I've made a few trips to Sephora and received great recommendations and samples, and I'm feeling much better.  I don't strive to be fancy, but I do like to look more or less awake and not grossly dry during the day.  My hope is that although it does mean some of the things are a little pricier, the quality will allow them to last long enough that I'm not truly paying more in the long run, since I won't be trying 3 other things in each one's place.
6. I cannot say packing up our house again, or organizing it and moving it all excites me in the least... it really doesn't.  I do hope the motivation comes from somewhere and soon.  BUT, in packing up, we get another opportunity to purge things from our house and lives that we don't really need or love, and I'm excited for that.  We will only be taking with us things that make us really happy, and everything else will be given away.  When we get back to Anchorage, we will have a bit of a fresh canvas.  I hate how long it takes us to settle into a place and make it feel like home, but I'm also a little excited for the challenge of doing all of the craigslist searches, bargain hunting, and re-purposing/craft projects for the things we need for the next home.
7.  And on that topic, I'm excited to actually see the next home.  It feels so strange heading out in 4 weeks to a house we've never seen.  It'll be an adventure!
8. Springy things.  I'm nervous about the trip to Mississippi, even though it will only be for four days.  But I'm excited to feel a bit of sun and warmth!  Oh, and to have some good southern tea.
9. Henry's new bedtime habit has been consistently cracking me up night after night.  He is such a giant chatterbox (I have no clue where he gets this...:)) and we will do our routine, and just as I tuck him into bed his little head springs up as he recalls every detail of the day, along with approximately three thousand other thoughts.  It's like last minute word purging where he just spits out thought after thought and they are coming from all different angles. He wants to talk about who likes broccoli and who doesn't, who rides horses, he wants to be sure that not only will he be eating cereal in the morning, but Mommy and Daddy will be too.  It's so silly and hard to keep up with, and so fun.  He'll rest his head for about three seconds, and just as I reach to close the door he pops up again to discuss a few more things. Who we will see on our next trip, where babies drink their milk from, the fact that we don't hit or bite... It's no wonder toddlers need so much sleep at night when all of these words and concepts are coming together in their little minds.  And on the topic of Henry, he is calling himself by name now, and says it like "Hessy". Oh the cute!
10. Exercise.  I haven't been doing anything extravagant, but I've been exercising this entire pregnancy.  It has felt amazing this time around.  It's also nice because it gives us another activity during the days that we go, where Henry gets to play with people other than me, and I get an hour to do something good for myself.  On Thursdays we work in the daycare there together, and it's been a lot of fun!

What's making you happy right now?

1&2// Almond milk in the making.
3//Henry loving on his new cousin
4//One little Henry jumping on the bed!
5//Baby girl at the gym

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