Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Little Spring Inspirations

It's happened again... The temperature hits above 35 degrees and the sun comes out, and suddenly I'm convinced it's spring.  Today after buying lots of fresh and delicious food, I tore through the refrigerator and sprayed the whole thing clean, flung the windows open, and allowed myself to daydream about the coming season.  I pictured a jacketless Henry without cold pink cheeks, running to the park (we loved the park today although it wasn't quite spring like, but getting there!) and I imagined all the vegetables seeds I could soon be starting before planting them in the garden,  the flowy skirts and bare legs, the family bike rides, and the springy recipes I could try.  I enjoyed the next hour of daydreaming, but now I'm settling back into the reality that winter is here for quite a bit longer, really.  While there are signs of spring all around today, tomorrow it will snow.  And next month we will move back to the land where it feels like winter never ends.  Luckily, it does end for a short time, but it's months down the road.  I have no clue whether there will be a garden this year, as I truly have zero idea what our new rental house will be like.  I don't imagine there is space for a garden, but I may try to do a few half-barrels for this season.  All I know is how many bedrooms the place has, and the fact that there is a large painting of a nude man on the walls.  There is much to learn about where we will be next month, I suppose.
I know that we won't be jacketless until at least June when the last of the snow melts away in Alaska, but at least it'll be just in time for baby girl to be born and for us to all break free of the house and chill and enjoy the outdoors as a family of four.
I'm a cool weather girl, but we can all crave some warmth from time to time.  For today, I'm having fun pretending like spring is just around the corner, and thinking of little inspirations for the changing of the season.
May have to do something like this for this year
Strawberry shortcake is a spring/summer favorite in our house, and these cookies look like they're worth a try!
RHUBARB. Enough said. recipe


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