Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Something Delicious To Try

I'm feeling pretty excited about a little recipe I stumbled upon today- homemade almond milk!  This recipe will absolutely be tried by the end of the week, that's my goal.  Just as soon as I find one of the little mesh strainer bags needed to do it! Eric has been eating loads of raw almonds recently, and while I very much dislike nuts of all kinds in their straight up nutty form (I wish this wasn't so, since they are great for you!), I do like almond milk.  We will just call this my contribution to using up our giant Costco bag of the nuts.  What excited me most while reading the almond milk instructions, was that by the sounds of it, it may be just the thing to get me off of one of the ugly habits I have still lurking around that I just can't seem to kick: coffee creamer.  I wasn't always a creamer gal... but somewhere along the way, I believe after Henry was born, vanilla creamer crept its sneaky little way into my life, and I just crave it with my morning cup.
*Little side note: Yes, I still drink coffee while pregnant. I stopped for the first half of my pregnancy with Henry, and then got over it.  During that first year as a mom, it became a dear friend of mine.  And there was essentially no chance of me giving it up this time around as I'm about one zillion times more tired.  I lost my taste for it for a few weeks at the beginning, but luckily it has come back!
Anyway, I hate that I drink creamer regularly.  It isn't much, but it's definitely junk I don't need to drink.  I just recently switched to vanilla soy creamer, but I don't feel that much better about it.  Naturally flavored, ultra creamy almond milk? PERFECT! SIGN ME UP.
The given recipe is for a vanilla+ cinnamon+ caramel sort which sounds great of course, so let me know if any of you decide to try it! I'm going to stick with a simple vanilla and see how it goes.

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  1. I've been using coconut milk as my creamer and it's just like almond milk- healthy and delicious!!


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