Friday, February 1, 2013

20 weeks

We have hit that technical half-way point!  Though who really knows when the little love will decide to show up.  It feels like a milestone nonetheless.  I remember the first time around things moved much quicker in the second half of pregnancy.  It's so much easier to tell that you are, in fact, carrying a baby and not just feeling run down and not fitting in your pants just for fun. So hooray for that!  We had our anatomy scan yesterday, and of course had a lot of fun looking at every little part of baby's body.  We were slightly less lucky this time around as far as photos and good views go, because baby was snuggling its placenta and therefore wouldn't give us a good face shot.  But it doesn't really matter, because the most important thing was that all is well in there.  Everything is developing just as it should!  Babe is measuring a few days larger, and is approximately 12 little ounces.  I put myself into a little unnecessary panic last night, because the ultrasound technician at the clinic we went to wasn't allowed to directly answer any of my questions, but rather had to wait for the radiologist to look everything over.  Makes sense, and is probably standard operation most places.  I don't know how we got so lucky at the clinic in AK though, where we were literally walked through every detail and told exactly how everything measured up.  Naturally I felt like this meant there was some sort of problem and basically made myself sick the rest of the evening.  Dramatic, I know.  But we will just pretend like that didn't happen, as I'm feeling much better and relaxed again now.  Little babe wiggled around in there for a while, then started rubbing its eyes before snuggling up and going to sleep.  Isn't it wild that we can watch that sort of thing on ultrasound?  I fell in love watching that little eye rub. We did get confirmation that the gender is definitely what we thought, but that is secondary to the overall health of baby so I'm still saving it for a different post!

This makes me smile.  What a weird position to sit in, there's still plenty of room in there!
The closest we got to seeing the whole face.  I wish the detail was better, but oh well! From what I can see the nose and mouth looks just like H.  That big light thing on the right is the placenta, so you can see baby snuggling in.

Have a very wonderful weekend, friends! 


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