Tuesday, February 12, 2013


* I wrote this a few days ago after a few difficult days, but I'm happy to say we have more or less gone back to normal since then.  I'm still posting it though, because I sure know there will be more days like these in our future.  

       I blog about parenting and Henry often, and as I think about it I most definitely write more about the good and special moments.  There are many of them, and they're more fun to recall and write down than our occasional bad days.  But that doesn't mean that we don't have rough days, of course.  I feel incredibly lucky that Henry is almost always happy and pretty even-keeled.  He likes to talk through things until we cannot possibly talk about them anymore and he tries hard to process all the new information constantly coming at him.  Up to this point, talking things through is usually enough for us when he's doing something that we would rather he not.  This week has been a whole different thing, and I have to admit it's kind of thrown me a little.  Let's see, we have had two screaming tantrums, two hard slaps to my face in very public places, one random bite on my butt and countless kicks to my growing belly while changing his diaper.  None of this has ever been a problem, and suddenly, it's all a big fun game to him.  He giggles himself silly while he kicks me.  Then later he talks about how he isn't supposed to kick only to do it again the next time.  The slapping happens in a moment of frustration and then he follows it with a kiss.  I have no idea where it is all coming from, other than just a phase that comes with his age.  Yes, I'm confident that he will outgrow it and go back to normal, but no, I do not plan on just letting hitting, biting, and kicking slide.  I'm a little lost as far as the course of action goes though.  One thing that I have always strived for in my couple short years of parenting is consistency, and so far so good with that.  We try our hardest to be very consistent with him and I think it helps so much in so many ways.  As we delve into the world of toddlerhood though and are faced with these hard moments that come out of nowhere, I find myself fumbling for the approach that will work for us.  I have had multiple moments of guilt wash over me over these last few days when I just worry that he is going to become confused with the change in our responses that go along with the change in his actions, if that makes sense.  I just want to have the right answer, the "right" way to handle things so that we can go back to being consistent.  I know that in matters of parenting though, there is no "right" way.  It has to be about what works for the child and entire family.  These moments can be so frustrating when we're used to the most affectionate boy ever.  It's just hot and cold this week.  If any of you parents have suggestions that have worked for you, I would love to hear! Leave a comment below.

Here's hoping for zero more days of bite marks on my butt!

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