Tuesday, November 1, 2011

7 Wonderful Months

To my big boy!
You turned 7 months old yesterday, on Halloween. 7 seems so big!  As per usual, you are growing at lightning speed and just when I think my heart can't stretch another bit you make it swell even more with all of the love I have for you. If only I could just hang onto each day a bit longer so I can savor every moment with you. 
You are growing more and more curious about the things that surround you every day.  You can pick out tiny little things in a room, and scootch over to them and use your chubby little fingers to try to pick them up. You can't quite pinch with your thumb and index finger yet, but you spend a good bit of time trying to. I laugh at the fact that you will attempt to pick up a piece of fuzz or a hair that floats in your bathwater (usually from your little toes) when you are surrounded by so many bright toys. You love the toys too, but mostly Mama and Daddy's things. You are really interested in cords, and you scoot so fast to them and try to put the plugs in your mouth but of course I take them away.  Your friend Brody is equally interested in cords. And you both love the dog bowls.  Must be something about the age!  You still love kisses just as much as ever,and now you aren't so offended by Daddy's bearded kisses. You lean those sweet baby cheeks into our lips and keep a happy smile on your face while we smooch you... I wish I could just kiss those cheeks all day long. The past two weeks you and I have started sharing breakfast in the mornings, and I so look forward to it! You are just as excited. When you see me come from the kitchen with a bowl in hand you start waving your arms around and making the most precious, excited sound. Sometimes we have oatmeal, and sometimes we have yogurt, and you always act surprised when the food hits your mouth and then you ask for more. You'd like breakfast a lot more if I would let you dump the bowl all over yourself, because you try each day to do just that.  We will be ordering you your very own  chair this week so that you can sling food around to your heart's content. I've giggled as I walk into the office with oatmeal and yogurt smears stuck to my clothes, but it's ok because it reminds me of you when I'm at work. Everything reminds me of you.
This past week I learned that you can gum things like "puffs" in your mouth, so now you get to try fun little snacks that you couldn't have before. You're so excited when you eat them, and I can't blame you at all because I love snacks too!  I hear you calling me in the other room, so I'm off to soak up some baby kisses before I tuck you back into bed .  Speaking of bed, when we lay you down you wrap your little arms so tightly around our necks.  I let you hold on a bit and while I stand there with my face against yours I silently wish that you continue to hug my neck like that for years to come. 

We love you so.
- Mama
You didn't like your month pictures as much this month! As illustrated in the last picture. Silly boy.

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