Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A pickle.

I've been trying to write a version of Henry's birth story for our birth center's website for weeks now... but for some reason I just cannot do it.  I figure since this is for work, I cannot be too wordy or share every single nitty gritty detail and these must be two of the large reasons I'm having trouble.  I'm not a gal of few words, especially when talking about matters that I am passionate about. Henry's birth? Obviously passionate. Work/birth in general? Yep, passionate. So I have a lot to say.  I also am a big fan of detail, and have to respect that not everyone is quite as comfortable with that as others.  On my own blog, I can spew out anything I'd like for your reading pleasure (or not) but for work I think I had better keep it direct and lovely. And the birth experience was truly lovely, which is I think the main reason that writing the story is difficult. I wrote a quick version of the story shortly after Henry was born, but I didn't delve into it as much as I would have liked. It was such an important day for me, and it's important to me that I properly write about it.  I think two more versions might be in order here... the lengthy version that I so desperately want to hang onto every detail of, and the abbreviated work version for women who may be interested in our clinic.  If you were looking for a provider/facility for your pregnancy/delivery, what details would you want to read about from other women who have experienced it?? Any suggestions would be helpful!  I know I'm over-thinking this, but there is no way out of that :)

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  1. Hi V! It's Megan:) I think that, for the work version, you should focus in on what Laura and Barb did to make your experience such an amazing one! I remember being so confused about whether or not we should switch to the birth center and if I had known that EVERY one of the midwives was SO caring, genuine, compassionate, and knowledgeable, it would have helped! I could totally tell that they were truly concerned about not just Brody, but me as well! I think it would be reassuring to explain how the midwives help you find positions that work to alleviate pain or speed up the process, etc.. Also, I would definitely chime in on the way that the process was so natural and instinctual for you because people who are reading this will probably be people who are looking at their options and debating on where to go (hospital or birth center). I can't believe that I didn't always know this, but for the first 5 months of my pregnancy, I was not convinced that I could do it on my own (without medicine), but I've learned that it's all about trusting in the process:) I hope that helped a little.....and I will not be offended AT ALL if you don't use it because it is YOUR story, but in looking back, those are a few things that would have helped me make my choice to choose Geneva:)


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