Saturday, November 5, 2011

The bummer about not being pregnant

There are some obvious perks of being pregnant: The excitement and anticipation, the many firsts, acquiring all of the things for baby that remind you of the fact that you're actually going to meet this person, the pure joy of growing a human life inside of you... but not surprisingly, another favorite part (for me, at least) was food.  Not at first. For the first few months, the sound of food in general was fairly disgusting.  I could eat turkey dogs and macaroni and cheese (not proud of this but whatever!) and oranges but not much else.  Somewhere along the way though, somewhere in the second trimester I'd say, food became incredible again.  Even more so than it had been previously. There are numerous posts on this ole' blog (here and here) about the things I was enjoying throughout the months of my pregnancy with Henry, and let me tell you, these things were beyond delicious to me.  I would have done crazy things if it meant getting my hands on a chocolate mint Cliff bar, hot fudge, or a turkey pot pie.  But now? Well now, I'll just say ehh. I've been excited to buy Cliff bars a number of times anticipating that oh-so-good feeling of eating the things that are just so beyond wonderful like they were when I was pregnant.  But that amazing taste never comes. They just aren't that great anymore and I have to say, it's a bit of a bummer. It's probably for the best because I'm still waiting on the last of my double chins to disappear after months of indulging in every thing that tickled my fancy.  But I'd keep the chins a bit longer if things still tasted that good. You know what I mean? Just my recent thoughts.
Anyway, I'm feeling like now maybe it's time for a new list of the things I'm into.  Granted, the things on this list won't be just as delicious, as there must be a lack of hormones affecting my taste buds these days, but there are still things I love of course.

1. Kale/sprout salad as I've mentioned before.  It hasn't gotten old yet.  We eat a giant pile of kale every night now and it's feeling pretty great to do so! So simple, inexpensive, healthy and yes. That's all.

2. Baked eggplant We've also had this a few times this week.  (You may be thinking we should vary it up a bit! I swear, we do... sometimes...) Eggplant slices dipped in egg and then bread crumbs. Bake at 350 and voila. Oh that makes me happy.

3. Halloween Candy No. This does not make me happy. (Except when it does)

4. Popcorn my trusty friend. I never tire of popcorn. I do it the old fashioned way--on the stove.  Olive oil, popcorn, salt. I probably eat this too often but I don't plan on stopping any time soon!

5. Morningstar chicken nuggets they are not actually chicken of course.  They are mostly veggie protein and whatnot, and we love them! I can't remember if we were eating these when I was pregnant or not, but I would have been all over those had I tried them at the time. When Eric went home for a week this past month I ate them for 4 nights in a row.

6. Thai Food We've moved to a new area of town and with that comes a new Thai restaurant that is dangerously close.  We have had it three times this week and intend to take a break now. I. Love. Thai. Food.

7. Baby kisses All the delicious things in the world while I was pregnant could never compare to how much I love the baby kisses from the one who was in there all along.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone. 

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