Tuesday, November 15, 2011

On little things that go a long way.

Sometimes it is extremely easy to let my wish lists get a bit lengthy, and allow them to creep to the front of my mind.  Things I wish we could buy (hello, iPad), places I wish we could go, things I wish were different.  It's a natural thing and I don't always think it's unhealthy to keep track of things you would like to have and to look forward to the future,  but at times I have a little reality check and reel it back in a bit.  I don't want to want things I don't have all of the time.  I appreciate what I do have, both big and small, and it's often the smaller things that end up being just what I need. A little boy who giggles with joy when I walk in the door, a husband that senses how badly I want a certain snack and heads out into zero degree weather to go get it, who makes dinner while I'm putting Henry to bed.  As I write these things out I'm thinking, these are actually not small things at all.  These are incredibly special things that I wish never to take for granted. We may not have every material thing that we wish to have, but the simple things we do have are beautiful.  Will we still think of these things sometimes and wish for them? Sure. We are always going to have our eyes out for a house we love, or cars we'd like to carry our little family on future adventures, art that we cannot afford but speaks to us, clothing that we shouldn't buy but love.  But what we do have is everything we need to allow us to be comfortable, and a lot of love around us to make us happy.  
And salt and pepper chips that my sweet husband went to get for me. Little things like that go a very long way. :)  

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