Monday, November 7, 2011

Little update on the four-legged one

Finn is home.  He found a very nice couple on the trail with a dog that I assume he follwed after.  They took him home so as not to freeze in the fast falling snow, which I'm very thankful for.  It's a little funny how things work.  Last night I posted a missing dog ad on Craigslist, in the "lost and found" section.  This man posted a found dog ad in the "pets" section, but neither of us saw the other's post.  Another woman, however, somehow saw both posts and was kind enough to email me a link with a note that said " I think your dog is there" and sure enough the link led straight to Finny.  The man who had him had gone to work for the night and his phone was off, so we had to wait overnight to get the boy back but we rested knowing he was in good hands.  This morning I received a text message that said Finn was cuddled up in bed with his girlfriend and their dog, and was doing great.  He said he could meet me at any time to return him, so I headed straight out the door and went to pick him up.  He happily jumped out of the truck and got in mine, and was very happy to see me but acted as if nothing odd had happened. He is the friendliest boy and would be happy to have a little sleep over with friendly people at any time, so it was all very normal to him apparently. The kind man asked about Finn, and told me what a wonderful dog he is.  He also said that they had decided if they didn't find the owners that they would have kept him.  When we spoke in the morning, he had mentioned he didn't know how to get back over to this area of the trail without walking the whole thing again, so had we not found him on Craigslist and relied on posters around our neighborhood which was to be our next attempt today, he would have never seen them.  Thank goodness for his prompt post on Craigslist, and for the woman who took the time to email me as I may have never found it.
So Finn had a fun little adventure, and is home safe and sound.  We will be heading out shortly to have a new name tag made, and until then he is being escorted outside when he needs to go out.  I should have never needed a reminder, but this served as one to never take that boy for granted.  It's been hard for me to give him as much attention as I used to since I've had Henry. Both boys want to be on me all of the time and Finn is the first to have to wait.  But I will absolutely be taking this as a kick in the pants to remind my Finny how much he is loved.  I know he didn't purposely disappear, but it's scary how easily they can be gone.
Thank you for all the concern and come-home vibes.


  1. Yay Finn!! So happy he is home safe and sound!

  2. Vance & Lori HarrisNovember 7, 2011 at 5:41 PM

    I'm so glad that he is home! He is absolutely gorgeous (looked at your previous post) Our furbabies are so important.. I have no idea what I'd do if they were gone! So happy to hear that your story ended on a good note :)

  3. Vance & Lori HarrisNovember 7, 2011 at 5:41 PM

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