Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hello friends!
Another quiet week around here.  Sometimes that quiet is just what I need, but I hate the feeling of being forced out of routine and the time to do the things we enjoy, but such is life.  Sometimes things just have to take that course.  We got a bug in our house this past week!  A fever/chills/ body aches/sore throat mean little bug that hit each one of us with great ease.  Henry was sick Friday-Sunday, Mama Monday-Wednesday, and Eric from Wednesday night through yesterday. But we are all better now!
I have so missed reading all of my favorite blogs, sharing things with all of you, and just going about daily business. But here we are, thankfully, and feeling good.
A couple fun changes have taken place at our house recently-- of course there is the runaway dog who keeps trying to bolt for the creek and sneak under the fence which is not one of the fun things, but Mr. Henry is doing all kinds of new things.  He eats things like crackers and "puffs" now, and he just munches away on them like he's been doing it forever and it's no big deal.  Maybe it isn't a big deal really, but for me it feels huge. My little boy EATS! On his own!  Just little bits here and there, but how fun for him to be able to have a bit of whatever we are having.  He loves that exploration of food!
Also, he has learned to play peek-a-boo on his own. We've been doing it for months and he sort of looks at us like "um, I'll watch because you're trying so hard but this really isn't that funny, guys."
But now he has made the connection that if something is tossed over him he can grab it and throw it off himself, which is of course much funnier in his opinion. At first he flails a bit and makes a gasp noise like it is such a shock that something is on his face, but then his sweet, chubby little fingers reach up for it, pull it off, and a goofy giggle follows. I love that!
We should have more fun things to chat about on the blog this week, now that we are up and running again.
We have been getting snow dumped on us all week, which is gorgeous. I think we'll head out to take some pictures of it today-- in the midst of the move we misplaced our camera charger but it has now been located, so maybe there will be more photos from that and less blurry ones from my phone.
Have a wonderful weekend!
I hate that the sweetheart was sick. But I adore the feeling of his weight on my chest while I hold him, sleeping.

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