Sunday, November 6, 2011


 I just need to write out these nerves.  Our pup Finn is missing. MISSING.  I've never had a missing animal before and it's not something I had really given a lot of thought to and here we are and he is gone.  We were just saying today how things have been going SO well with our new house and new yard, how he has done so great staying close. There is a lot of space to wander out here. A trail in the back and a creek on either side that all run through the city. Today Henry was having trouble napping so I decided to rock him for his nap so the poor boy would get some sleep since he is sick.  I walked him out to the living room and Eric let Finny outside, and when we went to call him back he wasn't there.  He tends to wander in the creek a bit so we thought he'd come back and he hasn't.  It's been over 4 hours.  It's cold, dark, snowing heavily, and I am just left with my imagination... What if he got injured and is stuck in the snow freezing? What if someone took him and isn't going to bother taking him into the shelter, or a vet's office to check his microchip? What if he is at someone's house and they are treating him poorly? I know, such an optomist right?  All I can do is hope he found a friendly family on the trail that he followed, and that he's being well taken care of at somene's house until tomorrow when they'll bring him in to find his family.  We miss him. We are worried. And we NEED our puppy back. He needs to be ok.
If you have a moment, please send a thought our way, to bring Finn home safe and sound.

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