Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sugar has a hold

Anyone ever seen the episode of Sex and the City where Miranda cannot stop eating desserts? She bakes a chocolate cake and eats it tiny sliver by sliver. She ends up throwing the cake in the garbage in a desperate attempt to keep herself from eating it and ends up eating pieces from the trash without hesitation until she finally squirts soap all over it and calls it quits.  Yea, well, that might as well have been me in that episode.  I don't know what my deal is, but my sweet tooth is taking over!  I have a healthy diet (other than the recent sweets) but my self control has been lacking the past couple of weeks with dessert and I would like to rein it in a bit.  I'm never going to be one who deprives herself of treats and foods I love. If I crave them, I have them. But I don't want to just eat them because they're around.  I have hidden the Halloween candy because I'm never craving it, but if I see it sitting there I'll eat it.  Cookies and cake on the other hand? Always in the mood now.  We made a cake and have the leftovers covered on top of our stove. Tonight as I was preparing dinner (baked eggplant, whole wheat angel hair, kale/sprout salad-- a would-be healthy meal) I find myself shoveling a cake appetizer in my mouth and wondering where my self control has gone.  After some thought I think the reason could be the fact that I don't get to exercise much anymore.  I use to exercise a lot, and I indulged in whatever foods I wanted but I didn't really crave things like candy and cake. But now I've cancelled our gym membership and am considering joining a less expensive one so that I can get the activity I crave back.  Soon we'll cross country ski on the local trails, but it's a bit of an ordeal and I can imagine it won't be a consistent daily activity. I think getting back to the gym will be exactly what I need, because although I'd rather exercise outside, and will do with company, I'm never that comfortable going out alone in Alaska's dark winter days on the trails.
Well here's to a bit more activity, and a bit less sugar. I think my body craves this change. 

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