Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Funny Finny

Yesterday afternoon, the snow was falling steadily and it was the most perfect snow.  The temperature was nice, the wind was fairly still, so I thought I'd take Henry outside to watch it for a few minutes.  We just went to get the mail and back, but he got so unbelievably excited watching Finn love the snow that we stayed out for a few extra minutes to run around.  It made my heart so happy hearing this belly laugh of Henry's because although he's laughed a ton for months, he mostly does it after you've purposely done something funny to get a reaction from him.  He only just now has started laughing at things that just strike him as funny when no one is trying.  I love to see what he finds funny on his own, what an exciting part of parenting- learning what your children love and what makes them laugh.  It was so unexpected, he normally doesn't find Finn to be so hilarious, but that pup gets so bouncy and happy when he's outside with his people, so I think Henry enjoyed his extra enthusiasm :)  I wish I could have taped the beginning of it, but who could have guessed that he would burst into laughter the moment Finn started running? I did the best I could while running in snow with a baby on my hip. 
Also, I apologize you have to hear me obnoxiously saying "go Finny!!" a million times, but it made them both excited so I'm willing to sound ridiculous.

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