Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Good Sunday

Oh, how I needed a Sunday like today.  For the longest time I've had this weird thing about Sundays, where I end up feeling more anxious than relaxed.  It's been weeks since we've been able to just slow down and enjoy the end of the week, and reset before the week ahead, but I'm happy to say that today we changed that.  It was so needed, and I'm so thankful it finally happened!  When we got up this morning we did a few errands and came home to put Henry down for his nap.  He has tried to skip his morning naps for the last two weeks at daycare, and today he slept for a solid hour and a half.  Proof that although he can manage to skip the nap and stay in a decent mood, the boy needs the sleep.  During that time, Eric and I were able to open the blinds and let the sun pour in the windows, while we listened to guitar music, sipped coffee, made steel cut oats for the week and folded laundry/cleaned the kitchen.  I know those aren't exciting things at all but it just felt so dang good.  And friends I have to tell you, if you don't already make steel cut oats, you really should try them out.  We both prefer them to regular oatmeal but haven't taken the time to make them for far too long.  We sliced peaches and berries and topped with soy milk and cinnamon and it was the coziest, most delicious breakfast.  I think next time I'll add flax seed, and I think Eric wanted to add nuts (not for this gal!) to his.  When Henry woke up we played, had a yummy lunch together, and went for a walk on the trails outside our house with some friends. Nap number two afterwards, play time, dinner, baby bath and bed, workout and voila! A lovely Sunday.  It sounds like all we did all day was eat, but hey, in my eyes that makes for quite a good day.  What do you all do when you need to slow down and unwind?
Yesterday we went snowshoeing, wearing Henry in the backpack which turned into the least relaxing hike.  He usually loves to go out and about, isn't bothered by the cold etc. (Well, we only take him out of the temps are reasonable, we stay inside when it's absolutely frigid!)  But yesterday he just wasn't having it.  We rarely hear a true fit from him, but he let us have it for a solid hour.  I felt terrible, because I wasn't sure what was wrong but I could tell he was obviously uncomfortable (clearly) and the mom-guilt washed over me as we were out snowshoeing for our own enjoyment.  I think he was possibly hungry, and maybe uncomfortable in the backpack that needed some readjusting.  We forgot the paci, had no snacks, and essentially were just doing everything wrong at the moment in the eyes of Henry.  I even resorted to taking him out of the backpack and nursing him while snowshoeing.  I have been perfecting the art of nurse/hiking for months.  We got back as quickly as we could and as soon as he was reunited with his cheerio cup he was happy as can be.  Noted: DO NOT LEAVE THE CHEERIOS BEHIND, EVER.
So today we thought we'd give it another shot, and he loved the walk.  The backpack was readjusted, the belly was full, and this mama had cheerios in the pocket just in case.  It's so nice to be able to get out for fresh air and see him enjoying the surroundings.  (Lots of trees, lots of snow, running dogs, a squawking raven, a young moose) We were relieved.
I hope you all had wonderful weekends, and enjoy the week ahead! If you are new here, thank you for stopping by!  Are we friends on Twitter yet?
Looking forward to this next week, with some warmer temperatures and hopefully some wonderful, healthy meals.  You may have all noticed that I'm talking an awful lot about our food recently.  Mostly because a. I adore food. and b. I'm really making an effort (like I've said a zillion times before) to cook more new delicious meals and I like to have somewhere to share them.  So thank you for allowing me to do that.

Tonight's dinner- We accidentally ate essentially the exact same thing as last night. We didn't really meal plan for tonight and when rummaging around found that we had tilapia, so we made that with a honey & soy glaze, along with pearl couscous and kale chips.  Eric was determined to redeem ourselves from last night's burnt kale and they definitely turned out much better. The midwives gave me some delicious big salt crystals as a gift at our spa party, and they were the perfect addition to the crispy kale.  Henry wasn't a huge fan of the chips, and there was honey on the fish (we forgot to reserve some for him before drenching it!) so he had leftover quiche, avocado, and blueberries for dinner.
Happy Sunday.
Isn't this just a wee bit sad? We look so happy and poor Henry--not quite. Mom guilt all over again. 

A much happier boy on today's walk. 


  1. Your hair is getting so long! Also, you wearing the lipbutter/stick here you talked about in your last post?? I MUST try.

    1. Extremely long! I was just saying today it might be time for a cut. And yes! Lip butters- you must try. This one is candy apple and was the first time I had red lips on (the pic was a few hours after putting it on, I don't dress up for hikes haha) and I really like it!

  2. You mentioned you made steel cut oats for the week. I love making steel cut oats but never have time to make a bowl in between my morning work out and getting to work on time. Does it stay pretty good in the fridge all week when you make it a few days ahead of time?
    I'm jealous of your snowshoeing adventures. I bought Justin a pair of snowshoes for Xmas because I had gotten some last year and never had anyone to go with so it was kind of a joint gift. Well, that present has kind of back fired because as you might already know Iowa has had a pretty crappy no snow winter. Alaska is the place to be for that.

  3. They taste even better after the first day! They look like they'd be dry, but just add some milk of some sort and they're delicious. I would never have the patience to make them each day, this is definitely the way to go.
    I put mine in jars like the pic above and I'll grab one before work each morning because it's hard for me to get breakfast before leaving the house.
    This is definitely the winter for snow activities in AK! I think we've reached record snowfall. It's crazy how warm Iowa has been, maybe next year will make up for it and you'll be living in those snowshoes!


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