Monday, February 27, 2012


-Henry has a cold again. My day will be spent chasing boogers and feeling bad that he's extra tired and stuffy.
-Every bit of me is ready for spring.  I opened the window today to find a heavy snowfall though, and I must admit it's still gorgeous. Not exactly a good sign of spring, but I'll enjoy its beauty anyway.
-I've been spending half of the days daydreaming about homes. About having one of our own, decorating, making it reflect us, and essentially wishing I could just jump in and live in my Pinterest Board forever.
-I'm also missing family, and thinking about going home constantly. I will never regret moving all the way up here for a period of time, it was a needed adventure and a good one, but my gosh it's hard to be away. I miss my family so very much and wish we could see each other more.  It's difficult when plane tickets are so expensive and even when flying the trips are not short. I'm hoping to visit in April (!!!)
-My baby boy is about to be one. ONE! A whole year old. This thought basically consumes me right now, it's just so hard to believe. It's probably time to start planning his birthday party, I've done nothing so far because I didn't know where we would be for it. Once again procrastination gets the best of me! But his ever-evolving personality just screams that he's about to hit the big one year mark, and it's too much fun. Goodness we are lucky.

Happy start of another week, friends! Henry and I are going to enjoy our snowy day off with some errands, playing, and meal planning.  I think I'm going to buy these to help us stay organized and on track with menu plans.  (via this blog ) It really is such a good way to spend and waste less, but planning is an area we lack in.  We're getting better!
Playing with Uncle Davey (Eric's twin brother) 

These two are becoming buddies!

As messy as it was, I let H try to eat his yogurt "on his own". Holding his own spoon at least, because he really, really wanted to .  Messes are half the fun, rightr?


  1. Hi! New follower! I found you through the top baby blogs directory! Your son is adorable and I'm obsessed with Alaska.. Come check out my blog if you have a minute,

  2. Hi Jenn!
    Thanks so much for saying hi :) I stopped by your blog and said hi there too, I will definitely be back!


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