Thursday, February 23, 2012

A little story

Hi friends!
Hooray for Thursday, the weekend is in sight!  I have a neat story I want to share with you all that a friend from work introduced me to.  Maybe some of you have heard it already? It's about the breastfeeding gorilla in a zoo in Ohio. If you'd like to read the story, you can see it here.  I'll just hit the highlights here though.
So this gorilla in captivity gave birth to a baby, and since she had never seen another gorilla breastfeed a baby she had no clue what to do.  She was used to seeing people hold their babies facing out (to look at her) at the zoo, and she learned that behavior as a result.  She never learned to feed the baby and the poor thing starved to death.

When she became pregnant again, it was important that the incident wasn't repeated so the local La Leche League was called and each day breastfeeding women would go to her and breasfeed in front of her. She watched them, learned from them, and when the baby was born she followed the steps she had been studying from these breastfeeding humans and turned her baby in to nurse.  YAY! Of course if you read the whole story though, and it isn't very long, it sounds much more wonderful than my short little rendition.  I just thought it was such a lovely breastfeeding story.  And for anyone who doesn't breastfeed, I still think it's more than worth reading.  There's a lesson to be learned for everyone, about the power of learning through observation and by example.  You just never know who is watching and learning from the things you do, and how awesome is it when the knowledge you pass on to someone else makes a huge difference? Or even a tiny difference!

I hope it's been a wonderful week for you all, it's pretty much business as usual up here.  I feel like I'm wavering on the verge of a "funk" right now.  Maybe it's just the changing of the season, or the stress we have been under but I'm feeling that lingering urge for change in a big, big way. I haven't quite figured it out just yet. It's strange, and exciting, and frustrating all at the same time, when I want so many things and have no idea what I want at the exact same moment.  I swear I'm not crazy, even though that concept makes me sound so.  I just know I want something- a move, fresh air, a project, a trip, a change, but the one that I need right now isn't clear just yet.  I apologize for being vague, I think it will all make more sense soon, when I explain what has been going on up here in a bit more detail.  In the mean time I am working on patience, because things are truly good where they are.  I'm just anxious to know what our next step will be on this path we are making our way down and it's difficult to be out of control and just hang tight for the ride.

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  1. this is great! I am so glad you shared this & that I found your blog via my little loves!



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