Friday, March 30, 2012

Could it be spring?

I found this floating around on facebook (unsure of original source) and it begged to be shared.  This is Alaska weather, undoubtedly.  It's starting to feel like spring and break up might actually be starting... but I hate to get my hopes up because the chances of us getting dumped on again are high. It was actually above 40 degrees yesterday, and the sun was shining so bright I was essentially blind driving my way to work. I can't complain and get all road-ragey though, because it has been a long wait for that sun to come back in full force. I am going to enjoy it.  

Today is our very last day with an 11 month old Henry, tomorrow his his official birthday! I'm hoping the nice weather sticks so we can go outside and do something fun.  We are planning to take him to breakfast because the kiddo loves to go out and loves to eat... and then maybe a fun walk outside and something else! The imaginarium at the museum, maybe? I can't believe we are already here, a year into parenthood. More on that later, it was such a whirlwind my thoughts are anything but organized.  All I know is, I adore being a mother.  And more specifically, being Henry's. 

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  1. Oh, funny! We're in that weird part of spring here, too. Happy birthday to your sweet babe :)


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