Thursday, March 1, 2012

To my very big Henry

From Feb 29, a day late in posting!

Oh goodness little love,
You are 11 months old today!  How you have grown this much so fast is beyond your Mama.  In just a few short weeks you're going to be a one year old, but I'm going to focus on right now and think of that overwhelming thought a bit later.
You're acting so much older these last few weeks!  You have been really understanding us, and finding the humor in the things you can do which are both very exciting things to see.  You also are babbling in a loud way that seems like you know exactly what you're trying to say, and your attitude is ever-growing.
A few things about you right now:
You are almost 21 pounds, and I'm not sure how tall, but very. I do know that much.
You laugh really hard when I kiss under your chin, when we tickle your feet, or hold you upside down.  If we turn you right side up, you fling your body backwards asking to go upside down again.
You still are crazy for avocado (like Mommy!) and we share one most days.  You also love cheese, yogurt, black beans, and sips of whatever we are drinking out of a big cup.  You're already getting a little picky about what you eat which makes me a little nervous, but we will see what happens.
You like to get into Finn's food so we have to keep it up when you are around.  If we ask you to put it down or spit it out, though, you do it right away which surprises me every time! You're obsessed with the microwave now that you've learned to open and close it, and the light switches too!
You love the broom, and the vacuum... Can't say I mind this. I hope you keep that enthusiasm for them when you're big enough to use one properly :)
You love to play "soooo big!" and clap your hands, and play pat-a-cake.  It's adorable because you think when we play that you are supposed to hold onto my hands and make them clap together, so you put your little hands outside of mine and we do the whole song that way.  You love to chase us, with that ridiculously fast crawl, and sometimes we crawl towards each other and you press your little forehead to mine and giggle.  My favorite. You're still a snuggly bear, but also very outgoing and curious.  I love that about you, that you like to go off and explore and don't seem to doubt that we are near by and everything is ok.  You can empty a shelf in a few quick sweeps and you never hesitate to do so, it's impossible to keep up with the house now! So that's a bit about you, babycakes...
I know it's normal to feel emotional about you approaching a year old, but my feelings are very bittersweet.  I wouldn't want to keep you a baby forever because you're supposed to grow and you just get more and more fun as you do (it's the most amazing thing to watch you change), but it seems unfair how quickly this babyhood goes.  I rock you at night time and kiss your temples and tell you how much I love the feeling of your whole body resting in my arms... and I hope that soon when you're busy running around you still come back to that place often.  You're beyond words, in the most wonderful way, little love of mine.

Taking the month pictures this time was a workout, I tell you. I think there are a few good ones amidst many, many blurry, upside down, slobbery, graham crackery shots.  I imagine from here on out all of the month pictures will be of your back as I run after you.  Oh well, I like them this way! 

And some of the not so great.......


  1. I love the pictures where H is throwing his hands in the air, wearing glasses and reaching for the camera :) Cute letter! I'm enjoy reading how your little boy is developing because there are things that Jose doesn't do that you do and this make them two very different boys. Fun, fun, fun!

  2. That's such a fun thing about kiddos, they are all SO different, but still you can see so many similarities between them, especially when they are at the same age. What is Jose doing these days? He's a cute one, I love seeing his photos on facebook!

  3. I love this!! Especially the not so great ones :) they just make me smile and I can see his personality all the way in New York! He's growing into one special boy!


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