Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Well, I have officially become obsessed with our trip home in April.  I booked the tickets a bit ago, for Henry and I to go back to Iowa for nearly two weeks (!!) but now that it is just a few weeks away, I'm  being taken over by excitement.  I am always excited to go home and visit, but this time there seems to be a level of desperation.  It has simply been too long, and I'm craving the company of my family.  I want to have no plans, just to spend regular days surrounded by them, to watch Henry play with my nieces and nephew, and just to enjoy some of my favorite places.  Though it's warming up a bit here in Alaska, it's nothing compared to the spring that the midwest is having, and I have been daydreaming non stop of the fun Henry and I will be able to have in the lovely warm weather.  He hasn't been to play at a park, he hasn't been able to crawl through grass, or toddle down the sidewalk to get a treat, feed the ducks, or any of the things that are so great about warm weather, and I know he is going to be overwhelmed with happiness when he gets to do those things.  It's too early to pack, but the trip is too soon to wait (patiently, at least.  In waiting for the actual trip it seems I have no choice) so to pass the time I have been running around daily finding things I "need" for the trip.  Henry needs warm weather shoes!  He needs more warm weather clothes! (this part is true) Must have coral nail polish to reflect a season other than winter! Oy.  I bought a new bag to double as a carry on/diaper bag to schlep Henry's things around in, and it took nearly all of my control not to get all of my carry on things packed up in it and ready to go the moment I walked through the door with it. Somehow three and a half weeks seemed premature.  For now it is just being used as the very large diaper bag, and I feel a bit like Marry Poppins when I dig in it.
I am hoping to hold out a tiny bit longer before I sit with bags packed, twiddling my thumbs by the door ready to go.  Its so unusual!  I'm generally chucking clothes in a bag the day I leave, so let this be proof that I've been away too long. Henry, has been away TOO long.  We haven't seen my family in eight months, I cringe just saying that.  I can't believe that he was just a 4 month old little squirt the last time they saw him in person, thank goodness for skype!
Soon this blog will be bombarded by stories and photos of this trip to wonderful Iowa, but for now I will just be done.  Anxiously awaiting vacation is causing word barf (above) and no one needs to read on for ages about my excitement.  Thank you for listening though!

Oh wait, okay I lied-- I guess Henry has been to a park, but he was so tiny he didn't really enjoy it.  The little love couldn't even sit up alone let alone crawl around and really experience it!  This photo was that last time we were back with my family on vacation.

He has changed so much!

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