Monday, March 19, 2012


I'm thinking of what I want to get for Henry's birthday... I know that he's a very easily entertained baby who doesn't need loads and loads of stuff, but still as this babyhood chapter closes and the busy boy toddler stage begins, I want to purge some of our old toys and get him a few new things that he will love.  Writing that, I realize I'm not quite ready to say toddler just yet, I think even though he's about to be a year he'll still be a baby for a few more months.  But much more toddleresque.  Anyway, I'm looking for suggestions.  What toys did your babies, or babies that you know, love at this age?  If it were Henry's choice, he'd probably pick a new shelf of DVD's and fragile CD's to unload and destroy, a handful of nightlights, and a few rolls of toilet paper.  He'd also appreciate full access to the dog bowls that we currently keep out of reach when he's awake.  Yes, that is Henry's list of favorite things right now.  But since I don't want to encourage him to eat dog food all day or play with nightlights/outlets (the kid is obsessed.  We have a few that change colors and he spends so much time trying to muscle his way through the bathroom door to get to them), I need to come up with something!  He hasn't gotten to spend much time playing outside, since he was just a small squirt who could barely sit up when winter came to Alaska.  So I would love to get him some outdoor toys like a little car he can ride on while we push, but the reality is that we are still months away from all of this ice breaking up and snow melting, and warm enough temperatures for him to get on the ground and spend much time outside.  That's one of the hardest things for me when it comes to living up here-- the fact that H hasn't played at a park yet, or crawled in the grass and felt the dirt below him.  He will love it SO much when he gets the chance. (Melt ice, melt!!)  So onto plan B, indoor toys that are loads of fun.
A few things I'm thinking:
A ball pit.  He tried his friend Brody's new ball pit and it looks like he enjoyed it :) There will be balls all over our house for the rest of time, but it's worth it if he loves it!

This Fisher Price house.  A girl I used to watch had this little house, and I am pretty sure Henry would love this.  He loves to open and close doors for us, turn the lights on and off, and I think this would be perfect!  I am keeping my fingers crossed that I can find it somewhere used, because it's a pricey one, and is a little large to move when that time comes for us.

So what else do you think would be a fun option?  I would love to hear!

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