Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Henry has been playing with a toy bike for weeks.  He's a bit too young to use it but the past week or so he just wants to stand at it turning it on over and over.  He is so proud and excited every time it turns on and he has been reacting with this new face, his mouth open as wide as it will goes and a little yell of delight as the music begins.  It cracks me up each and every time, and just makes me ridiculously happy.  The night Henry started crawling, he was scootching around naked before bath time and he was crawling on his hands and feet like a little bear, and I was so disappointed in myself for not getting video of that precious move because moments later he got the crawl down and never did that little walk again.  I have since learned my lesson and when a cute minute strikes (293874 times a day), I grab a video.  I was so glad I got video of this little face he does with the bike because now in the past day or so his reaction is getting a bit more mild.  I suppose he has worn out the excitement of the on button as much as he has the actual button itself.   I'm sharing the short version, but just imagine him doing this same reaction about 10 times over each time he approaches the bike.  It makes for some pretty happy moments around here!

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