Friday, March 16, 2012

I'm a Mess Today

My husband would say I get annoyed more easily these days, but I think day to day I'm fairly laid back-ish. Well, enough, at least.  Patience in frustrating situations or when wanting things to get done isn't always my forte, and if family is reading this they probably snort-laughed at the fact that I said I'm laid back.  But really, I'm not overly high strung... except on days like today.   Days like today when things that shouldn't be a big deal just frustrate me to no end.  Like sitting on an open puree pack that Henry threw from his car seat and ending up with liquid pumpkin/banana all over my pants.  Like walking into the door wearing said pants as the dog trails behind me (tongue stuck to my leg obnoxiously licking the puree off ) with mud on his paws leaving marks on the white carpet.  Taking off these pants, noticing that we have to do laundry so badly that I must either wear capris, work pants, or leggings because none of my jeans are clean.  Then the frustration over the never ending laundry and the clothes thrown about begins and that always gets my pulse up a bit.  Showering Henry and myself off after our morning at the pool, wrestling him to get him clothed, and then eating lunch where he proceeds to soak his clothes and rub avocado through his hair so it's a crusty mess.  That type of thing never bothers me.  I am never annoyed at his messy eating because obviously he's a baby.  But today I just thought, of course I would choose to bathe the kid before feeding him, just to make life more difficult apparently.  Then the dogs are looking at me wrong or following me too closely, I'm feeling smothered by them and the mess around me,  I'm being clumsy and annoying myself most of all.  A few deep breaths and big baby grins later, I'm feeling much better.  Henry is napping, I found some jeans in the dryer, the laundry has been put away, house straightened up, dishes done... and I feel once again laid back and am silently laughing in my head about how carried away I was with the annoying chain of events.  Days like this happen, they are bound to here and there, and I am learning to quickly turn them around.  I must be growing up!  But really, I think parenthood will do that to you, it can turn the less patient into patient people in no time at all, because like I said days like this will happen. And after the temporary and minor fit and pity party, all you can really do is laugh.
This picture isn't from today but it seems fitting.   It was earlier in the week as my friend and I were making popcorn.  We both make it almost daily without issue and for some reason it proved to be a struggle that day.  Moments after she did this,  I did the exact same thing.  We laughed like little kids at the ridiculousness of it all. 

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  1. This was me today. For sure. Luckily my soon took a killer afternoon nap and I got a few z's in too. I woke up all better!


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