Monday, March 26, 2012

My Imaginary Room for Henry

I've been fixated recently on decorating our next home in my head.  I think party because where we will be living after our current rental is completely up in the air.  As in, we have no idea where we will be in the coming months.  It's both exciting and impossibly frustrating.  I want to have a clue of where we will live, both location and actual living space, so that I can start to plan a space that will feel like home.  I use pinterest and my imagination to take care of the decorating itch in the mean time.  I have to admit, I'm so tired of moving around.  I love changing locations and having new spaces, but I just want to fall in love with a place that will be our long-term home.  I want to finally be able to decorate a home to reflect us.  Anyway, when I think about wherever that place will be, I always start with Henry's room.  It will be the first room I start with, and I cannot wait!  When he was first born in our previous house, we set up a nursery for him that was simple, and full of owls.  For some reason, I just felt like owls fit.  But we didn't use the nursery much and I didn't put too much time into the space, since we moved when he was only 6 months old or so.  When we got to this current place, the room was already decorated for a baby, and since we only rent, there really was not much I could change.  I also knew that it was very temporary, so we didn't even unload all of Henry's things into that room.  Just the basics, crib, dresser, clothes.  I am just so looking forward to his next room that will hopefully carry him from baby to toddler and beyond.  I want a clean, bright space, that has fun little nooks for him to play in, and artwork and photos to liven it up.  I want everything to be in his reach, since it will be his space, after all.  Here are some of the photos inspiring my plans,
I hope to make each one of these things appear in his next room.  Oh how I hope that happens soon!
All of these photos are via Pinterest:
I love the bright arrows.

A little reading/play nook will be a must
I've been begging Eric to build a shelf like this, but it doesn't make sense to acquire big furniture pieces when we have to move.

This is Henry.  He has a contagious energy and enormous smile! I think of him whenever I look at the picture of this print.  So I say we give it a home in his room. 
Baskets for stuffed toys!

I feel like arrows and teepees are all over the place right now, but the cuteness is undeniable!  I also think the teepee or a tent is something I could actually make, and that is important because I don't sew or really build much.  Something simple like that is doable which is exciting!


  1. So cute!! I just made pennants for Truett's room and I LOVE them. I also have the "you are my happy" pinned on pinterest and I plan on putting that on the wall somewhere, in someone's room. I will help you when you get back!!!

  2. I will need your help! Mom gave Henry a book called you are my I love you, and the print makes me think of that. I love it! Can't wait to start fresh, the room he has now is truly hideous.


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