Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Few Of My Favorite Things

I've been trying to get little video clips of Henry recently, doing the little things he does that make me extraordinarily happy/giggly.  While he's a huge ham in person, if you bring the camera out and he knows it's on him, he pulls the whole deer-in-headlights-blank-stare thing.  I always find it hard to believe that after 16 months of having a camera in his face he still does this.  Especially since he tries so hard to get laughs out of everyone, I just always figured he'd cheese it up for the camera but nope!  I'll keep trying though, because I hate the thought of missing my opportunity to get these moments on video before he stops doing them.  It's happened to us too many times already.  Like the day he learned to walk when we were heading to bath time, and he was naked bear crawling like Mowgli from the Jungle Book. On Skype with my sister no less.  I have no video of it and he never did it again because he got the walk down 5 minutes later. Sad.  That would have been a good one to laugh about with him when he was a teenager.
Instead of video I guess I'll settle for just jotting down a couple of the things he's currently doing and I'm currently loving.
He started saying peekaboo- "de-dooooo!"
When we ask who's Mama or Dada, he points to himself.  He knows, he just thinks he's funny.
When he runs toward us, he gets so excited that he closes his eyes/scrunches up his face (often hits something in the process). Melt my heart, it's so cute!  We actually have a picture of this, so that's good enough.
He's been getting startled recently, and pretty easily which is a little sad but mostly funny.  He doesn't cry, he just jumps and lets out a surprised yelp. Hilarious! I'll be truly sad if we don't catch it on video soon.
He'll only eat his raspberries when his little pointer fingers are inside the hole of them.
I know these things don't sound like much unless they're coming from your own child.  But they're the special, silly every day things that happen around here that make me just fall more in love with him each day. Every day it's something new and something equally wonderful.  I love this age!
A picture from a few months back.  The silliest scrunchy face I've ever seen. 

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