Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Check That Off The List!

I bought an antique high chair for Henry that I found on Craigslist for $25.  I had always wanted a painted wooden chair for him, but it didn't make much sense to buy one before moving so I waited and waited.  It was the first thing I looked for as we were moving back, and I was happy enough with the one we found.  $25 seemed like a good price for something that could go in any direction I wanted and would be in our home for years.
I originally planned to make it a really bright green or orange, and that was my plan until the very morning when I went to get paint.  I wanted something fun and toddlerish, and less "baby colored", but apparently I changed my mind in the few minutes it took to get to the hardware store.  I ended up picking a light lime green color, and figure that I'll make some bright cushions to go with it in the near future to brighten it up.  For now I'm leaving it, but who knows, maybe I'll take this whole project on again later!  
Color: "Soft Lime"
I sanded the entire thing by hand which was a little fun since I haven't done much sanding before, but was also a giant pain because of all the little nooks in the wood.  It took me about a nap time and a half to get that part done before putting the first coat of paint on!
I knew from the start I wanted to use a non toxic paint since Henry would be eating off of it.  I went to a few stores and at the first I was told that after the paint or enamel dried, there would be essentially no chemical risk.  It was comforting I guess, but I just felt better about picking a non toxic brand.  I only needed a little bit, so it wasn't too expensive.
It took about three coats of paint, and it was complete!  Since I went for a lighter color I will be on the lookout for bright fabric for cushions, but for now we are enjoying it as is!  It feels really good to check one of my projects off of the list.  Next up, gallery wall in the living room and painting the playroom!

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