Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A slightly new look

Ah, it feels refreshing to get that header off my blog.  It has driven me nuts for months but I just haven't had the time or know-how to change it to what I really want; what I feel like represents me and what this blog is. For now, I'm just keeping it incredibly simple, and when I have someone who knows what they're doing design what I have in mind, I'll change it once again.  I'm feeling so much better just looking at the simple title.   Nap time is nearly over and so I only have a few more minutes to pine after home ideas on Pinterest. I know, excellent use of free time...right?


  1. Miss you...ok Henry :)

  2. We all miss you too! We talk about it all the time, how much we wish he could go over for his regular mornings with you and how much he'd love to snuggle and see all the other babies.


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