Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Ugh.  Today was an interesting day.  I can't say it was a bad day because nothing particularly horrible happened, it was just frustrating.  A day that I giggle about a little bit now, but only because I've already spent enough minutes wanting to just rip my hair out.  You know the type, I'm sure.
After prying Henry's mouth open to examine his gums, I've got it all figured out.  The poor boy is in pain as his last few teeth make their way through.  Of course they save the best (worst) for last.  He's irritable, then happy, then sad, then hates life, then happy, and starts it all over again.  He generally handles the pain pretty well, better than I would I can safely say.  But right now it is giving him this extra bit of attitude, a short fuse, and every minutes is a test of patience for me.
Anyway, today started by waking up early.  Even earlier than yesterday which was earlier than usual.  So he was tired from the get go, but as usual he couldn't possibly consider going back to sleep because he was too excited about breakfast (can't blame him there.) We went to the park and finally met some other parents and babies who happen to be the exact same age.  Henry thought it would be fun to throw sand at all of them, except for one little girl that he hugged and kissed (well he threw sand on her too, actually.)  The more I asked or told him not to, the more he would get this little twinkle in his eye and throw a bit harder.  Great first impression. So we left the park, headed home for lunch which he squeezed all over the place, and then went down for nap.  The boy was lucky when he woke up. Who doesn't love waking up to find that your grandparents are over and have brought delicious pie?  He gobbled up a good portion and then we headed out for the dog park, just Henry, Finn-dog, and me.  We had such a great time playing.  But I looked away for one second, and when I looked up he was squatting and playing with something... I thought "oh please let that be a leaf", though I knew better... I got closer to find that indeed, he was squeezing a fresh log of dog poop between his fingers. Just really digging in. (Enter gag)  There's no time to be a germaphobic freak when you're a parent and alone with your child.  I couldn't avoid touching his hand like I would have liked to.  I had to wear the big girl pants and carry him off making sure he didn't touch his face, and find somewhere to wash it off.  Dog water seemed to be my only option so we rinsed in that, and then used sanitizing wipes in the car.  I've decided to just not think about it, or I'll dwell on the grossness of it all.  I'm sure he'll do it again 234987 times in his childhood, so I had better get used to it now!
And with that, happy Wednesday to all. :)


  1. Hi Victoria,

    Just reading your side profile piqued my interest! I'm in my second trimester, and I'm hoping hoping to be a good mamma. As this post of yours attests, sometimes it will be an uphill journey, I'm sure! You have a fun blog here, and Im sure I'll stop back. :)

  2. Hi Emily! Thank you so much for reading and taking the time to say hello! I appreciate it :) I'm sure you'll be a wonderful Mom, hard days and all. They are so much easier when you're with your own child that you're so crazy about- dog poo covered hands and all. I couldn't do it for anyone else! Congratulations and hope you're feeling well.


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