Friday, August 31, 2012

What's In My Bag

It's a long weekend, hooray!! Anyone have some fun plans?  My family is having a little get together tomorrow so it will be fun to see family members from far and wide that I haven't seen for a while.
I love seeing these "What's In My Bag" posts circulating, so please leave me a link if you have one on your blog!

Despite that small pile of random junk on the left, this is pretty good for me.  I generally have a bag FULL of things I don't need, if we're being honest.
From the left-
*Various receipts and coupons.  I try to save receipts for the checkbook, but obviously I don't excel in that department since they're wrinkled in a little ball and spread all over the place.
*Small canvas bag from a little fair trade store in Anchorage called Grassroots.  It's essentially packed with Revlon Lip Butters.  I rarely wear stuff on my lips, but I like having the option to occasionally, and lip butters are my favorite!
*Moleskin planner from Barnes and Noble.  If love the simplicity of this planner.  It's thin, but large enough I have space to write in each day of the month calendar.  I have to have a full month view or I can't keep track of things at all.
*Random tidbits- mini altoids, pens, headbands, etc.
*Fossil wallet.  I love this wallet and got it on mega sale at Nordstrom in Anchorage.
*Lucky Abby Road leather bag.  I pined after this bag for a long time, and decided to look for a used one on ebay.  I lucked out and found one for a great deal, in nice shape and perfectly worn in!  It was the first thing I ever bough off ebay, and I got into a little bidding war winning it in the final 7 seconds.  I made quite the scene over it and kept shouting that "I won"!  Eric reminded me about 10 times that I didn't actually win it, I bought it, but it still felt just as exciting to me.  I love it!

So that's that! Anything fun in your bag?  Something random and hilarious?  I remember finding a newborn sock in my purse months after Henry was born. I finally took it out.
Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

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  1. hahahahaha! I WON!! Guys are so practical but don't worry, you did win!! I might have to do this post... I'll link you if I do:)


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